“Toni is a wise and compassionate career counselor who gets to know her clients in a deeper way than other job coaches.”
—Julian, Film Director

“Toni has a superb sense of the political dynamics of a workplace and offers invaluable advice for navigating the waters of asking for a promotion or pay raise, quitting without burning bridges, and other sensitive areas of the world of work.”
—Jordan, Internal Communications Manager

“Toni keeps up on the latest career shifts and can offer excellent advice for those seeking more freedom and flexibility in their work.”
—Dylan, Human Resources Director

“Toni has a first-hand understanding of the challenges of juggling parenting and career.”
—Hannah, Parent/Business Owner

“I know that my career path would look very different today were it not for Toni. She has been a life-saver with practical solutions for day to day challenges as well as invaluable insight into preparation for meaningful work in the next phase of my career.”
—Gregory, Psychotherapist

“Toni has truly been a trusted advisor and wonderful partner to work with!”
—Caitlin, Biotechnology Marketing SVP

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