Hello…let me introduce myself. It’s been my joy and privilege to work with thousands of career seekers throughout the past 25 years. I have an MA in Career Development, an undergraduate degree in Organizational Behavior, and varied experience from previous careers as a Director of Marketing for a fast-growing international company and as a full-time professional calligrapher.

My most important source of learning has been my work with my wonderful, creative, courageous clients – people seeking more meaning and fulfillment from their work lives. I’ve worked with people from a vast array of careers, from newcomer to seasoned expert, entrepreneurs, executives, artists, students, stay-at-home parents, and career couples.  I’ve taught hundreds of career seminars and leadership trainings throughout the Bay Area, led retreats, and worked with organizational teams.

Most often, I accompany my clients on their paths over many years, at turning points and at times of personal and work challenges – career changes, losing a job, coping with difficult bosses, seeking (and getting) promotions, and balancing life’s many needs, from unexpected transitions to family to retirement. In addition to helping people explore and build happy, successful careers, I work with my clients on inner barriers, strategize about conflicts at work, and provide structure, motivation, and skills for the job search process.