About Career Counseling

Workvision provides expert, supportive counseling and coaching on a variety of career and life issues.

Career Transition Explore your dreams and visions; learn more about your essential self; create a personal "career profile;" research, evaluate, and choose a new career; receive concrete, step-by-step support as you work toward your goals.

Career Dynamics Learn to be happier and more successful in either the job or career you already have or the new career you enter through powerful insights into corporate culture, office politics, your boss, your own style as a manager, and your own communication and work style. Heal difficulties and setbacks, learn to cope with difficult people, and get help making tough career and life decisions.

Whole Life Coaching Expand your life satisfaction as you work on friendships, relationships, geography questions, and life balance. Learn to create a "life of the heart" that satisfies your deeper self.

Practical Career and Job Search Strategies Tune up your resume, practice for interviews, learn to network effectively, research the job market, and stay on track with motivational support and structure.

At Workvision, we work together as partners in your search for a joyful, deeply satisfying work and personal life. Your career and job pathway provide a window for looking at who you are and what you need to create a life you love.